What would it mean for art to be accessible?

An event at city hall: round table conversation about Accessibility and Art with Erica Brisson, Eshan Rafi and David Yu.

They wanted wild and crazy ideas. 149183_4582108024661_1870786330_n

Unfortunately the artist’s work did not have to do much with Accessibility at all. Mostly they addressed the amount of foot traffic. There were however some great opportunities for their work to actually address accessibility. One project dealt with sound underneath a bridge. While the project as it was set up would be inaccessible to anyone with hearing difficulties -blaring sound with bad acoustics- and in a part of Toronto where the diversity of the population isn’t great – I’ll hunt down the neighbourhood-simple changes would make it more accessible or have something to do with Accessibility.


Points of Access series presented by Whippersnapper Gallery. Curated by Maggie Flynn.


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