Nandini Sundar, Tenuous Sovereignties; Precarious Citizenship: Civil War in Central India.

Fascinating talk by Nandini Sundar, about sovereignties, citizenship and the civil war in central India between the central government and the Maoist rebels/governing body, Friday November 30, at the Munk School of Global Affairs.252380_4586347930656_512619429_n

It is difficult to ascertain where the lines of influence are drawn because both sides terrorize the population into choosing sides on a ad-hoc basis.

The lines resemble ebb and flow.

Researchers like Sundar say it may not even matter what is in the hearts of the people since the military conflict in that state is now a considerable source of income for not only the police as the enforcing arm of the state, but also for the police as a private security apparatus, for the state-sanctioned paramilitary groups, for the security forces of international corporations (!) and for the Maoist rebels.60505_4586348090660_1957776766_n

And yes, with the emergence of the government organized village/neighbourhood watch, vigilante is now a form in which politics takes place inside the the normal system.


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