Plea to vote for Barack for the environment’s sake. November 4, 2012.

It seemed so possible that Mitt Romney could win. Especially since for a lot of us lefties, Barack had a less than shiny point of view on matters of the environment, the criminal justice system… This facebook post shows my nervousness.

“Vote, American friends: for G-d’s sake vote for Barack.

I know he’s conservative and I know there is Jill Stein, the Green Party alternative.

Consider the long game however. Voting in a battle ground state for JS is voting for Mitt Romney. And no way Romney will even look at renewable energy let alone tackle global warming- Frankenstorms are G-d’s punishment, you know.

The environment is incredibly important and it’s also not a one day ‘take a stand’ issue.

We can/must occupy a bank or climb the coal plant’s fence when something has to stop *now* or when we need to catch the public’s attention to get the discourse happening. And besides those, we have to work at taking a stand every single long day and we have to be strategic when the principled move would take away all our progress.

I really wish you all the wisdom to know the difference. Anyway. Please go vote. VOTE.


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