Diversity in staff is the Golden Goose to flexibility and doing good.


This study from the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion shows that across 65 provincial, national and global companies, both large and small, there is as yet no general understanding as to what a job post in Diversity and Inclusion should look like.

Hours, responsibilities, perks, measurements: they all differ widely.

Promising trends that the CIDI noticed are:

1) Added perks for DI personnel

2) DI accountability spread out over all people in the organization.

3) Half of the organisations that had solid DI staffing had no legal obligation to do so under the Employment Equity Act.

Exciting developments!

Research like this shows how important it is to have statistics like these in the public arena. Not just to pressure politicians but also to spur on companies to do better than their counter parts!

Diversity and Inclusion bears fruit. DI policy means you can pick the best people across the lines of ethnicity, disability, gender and age!

In the long run that means your company or organisation is more flexible in the marketplace: diverse staff will bring you fresh and unexpected solutions to any challenges on your doorstep. And you do good. You show that you want to hire someone because of what they are capable of and the promise they show.

You put effort in and you get treasure back.

Secret to success?

You need to really want the best. You need to *really* want to be diverse. And that can be scary.

So be scared.

You can handle that no problem.


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