Toronto fire services sets quota for diversity

Fire Services has a target of 10% increase in hiring women and visible minorities!

In an educated, healthy population quota work if you couple them to improved daycare, after school care, parental leave and union negotiated it’s-the-end-of-day-lets-continue-tomorrow-meetings. Or if you set up co-production (see below).

I actually like it that they do not much go into the reasons why diversity is necessary, taking it for granted that everyone knows. 

Their quota is built around improving their way of targeting/finding people instead of waiting for women and visible minorities to come to them.

My only worry is that people sort of, half, kinda know why diversity is important. And since not everyone is on board the unfairness of quota and diversity (for white capable men) *will* come up again with a vengeance. 

I would like to have the Fire Services spell this diversity mission out in a different document.


Co-production is a form of delivering social services that sets professionals, clients, family and neighbours on an equal footing in deciding what the service should look like and who runs the show on a daily basis.


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