Fruitville station: the good, long, last day in the life of Oscar Grant.

Saw a screening at Dundas and Yonge. Full theatre.

What a relief to see a movie with two black people who were shown being who we all are; with our greatness, our fun, our faults, our boredom, our silliness, our lust, our hunger, our friends, our children, our cultures, our pregnancies, our needs, our cooking, our playing, our music, our love for crabs, our strength, our giving up and going on.

We really need more than Facebook, Zuckerman. How on earth can a police force change its oppressive policing if most people don’t ever experience that persons of colour are exactly like them.

I mostly forget my white privilege because- unlike back in the Netherlands or Aruba- I don’t have many Turkish, Moroccan or Caribbean friends here in Toronto.

How the hell did that happen?

And what do I do?

I never had to look for persons of colour before (almost everyone was when I grew up in Aruba) and yet I think some of the answers to lessing oppression lie in having a diverse group of friends, because then you will have your nose pressed to the window of profiling and you will want change for your friends or chosen family.

Coming out is what changed things around for (white) queers like me.

I don’t know any other way forward than to start choosing to do my activism in groups that are mostly or partly run by POC.

Move apartments to Eglinton West past Ossingotn or St.Clair West past Bathurst? That way at least I support neighbourhood stores. Back home, I would have just had to turn the corner to fall into an Aruba or Turkish eatery…

I’m going to make a list of organisations to donate a little money to. Maybe this gets me somewhere if I set a 6 and 12 month diversity goal for myself. Ask them what they would like me to do. What would be helpful to them. Listen.


This is embarrassing and necessary. Here we go.


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