Pregnant Boys and their families.

Three ads with pregnant boys.

The media literacy project points out that one ad ‘unexpected?’ attempts to make boys feel responsible for pregnancies. The second ad ‘disturbing’ guilt trips the same boys by othering them and their girls, by setting them apart from the tax payers.

Both draw the same line around or through gender and pregnancy. And use the knee-jerk reaction “weird!” to an image of a boy who shows a pregnant belly.

And yet trans boys *can* get pregnant.

The Media Literacy Project designed a counter ad “Trans men have babies too.” It employs the same image. Underneath it says “All families, whether born or chosen, thrive on love not shame.”

I absolutely love what they did.

How awesome is it to accept that the viewer might not have thought about trans boys being pregnant, and not shaming the viewer but expecting them to understand the issue when they are offered a fair and sensitive response?

It is an ad aimed at cis-gendered people that does not other the trans man and instead places him right in the middle of ‘this is what we mean when we talk about families’.

By doing this, the ad also avoids medicalisation of pregnancies and instead celebrates them.

Very nice.


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