Nikibasika! It is possible. 51 orphans in Kasese, Uganda.

This August I will be participating in the TriAdventure, a three day triathlon. The funds that we raise for this triathlon go directly to a tiny orphanage in Kasese, Uganda. 


The orphanage is called ‘Nikibasika’. This means ‘It is possible’!


The 51 children have lost their parents and extended families to HIV/AIDS, the civil war or extreme poverty. The goal of this particular orphanage is to encourage the children to become skilled adults who can contribute to building sustainable communities. They are also encouraged to look at all sorts of fields for work and to look at the rest of the world for inspiration. 


You can be part of their extended family. It is a simple gift. Donate by clicking on this link below.


25 gets one child school books for the year. 100 is the foodbudget for a week. 40 gets them a school uniform and 135 gets a child schoolfees for primary school. 798 for a secondary school year.


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