Iran wants to go nuclear. And not be so dependant on fossil fuels. Good idea?

Iran wants to have nuclear power plants for its energy supply.

Every country has that right under international law.

Yes, Iran will then be steps away from being able to make nuclear missiles.
However, by 2003 it had ended all research into weaponisation (US intelligence and the IAEA are satisfied) and its Islamic rulers consider use of nuclear weapons against Islam. Israel, the country that -together with Saudi Arabia- fears a nuclear Iran; Israel considers it highly unlikely Iran would use a nuclear bomb.

Some countries with nuclear power plants and nuclear bombs:

1) Israel -large nuclear arsenal, 2 power plants,
2) Canada -powerplants, no bombs but gives money to US nuclear programs,
3) The Netherlands -keeps nuclear missiles for US, one power plant.
4) The UK,
5) France,
6) Turkey -keeps them for US.

And countries that have nuclear missiles and are politically and militarily unstable:
7) India,
 Pakistan -military has links to Taliban and Islamist groups,
9) North Korea.

Dangerously unclear words by politicians given as reasons to go bomb Iran for: “Nuclear Arms Capability” or worse “Power to Go Nuclear.”

Could mean 3 things:
(from Joshua Pollack,

a. “Capable of making lots of highly enriched uranium”. Iran is already there since the early 2000s.
b. *Secretly* building bombs. Is secret. Not being able to use political power of acknowledging having nuclear power is downside.
c. “Renouncing treaty obligations, kicking out inspectors, building maybe half a dozen devices, and testing a couple of them”- That’s what North Korea did. Iran not doing this.

Reaching NAC is not illegal under international law, only the building of nuclear weapons is.

And have a good morning.



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