Talking about Canada-exported homophobia in Jamaica with colleague Maurice Tomlinson!

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US LGBT Ambassador hits the right note in Jamaica! smile emoticon Acknowledge, Respect, Engage! heart emoticon

“Our own history has not been a perfect history on point. The United States is not yet where it should be on this and other issues. We’ve made a lot of progress, but we’re not here to point fingers, that would be a hypocritical thing for us,” Larson said.”

RANDY Berry and Todd Larson wanted Jamaicans to have a clear understanding of the reason for their visit to the island last week. So, in an interview with the Jamaica Observer lasting just under 30 minutes, the US Government officials stated m …
  • Someone was listening to you! This is almost word for word A.R.E.!!

    All your work in the spotlight is paying off:)

    “… where US policy is, understanding

    that we have also come into this space after a long struggle

    and to see how we can be a positive partner.”

  • Maurice Tomlinson Thanks, Freddie! I am STILL hoping that the issue of EXPORTED homophobia will be acknowledged, and I said as much to someone from the US govt. today. It is absolutely crucial to disrupt the narrative that somehow people from the global south are inherently and intrinsically homophobic. We are not. We had to be TAUGHT to hate.
    • Freddie ArpsExported homophobia needs to be addressed: the past and present campaigns that Christianists are waging.

      Do we actually know anything about the start of homophobia or misogyny?

      Does it just come from fear of the “other” and did all societies know some form of it?

      I always thought Wicca/paganism/Druidism had none of it, but I don’t know for sure…

  • Stephen Tattle I have to admit that I struggle with the “exported homophobia” concept as being THE reason. It seems a little too simple an explanation. Do people not have the choice whether or not they buy into what they hear? Where is individual responsibility?
    • Freddie Arps That’s how mass hysteria works though… Large groups and repetition, repetition, repetition.

      Individual emotions and reactions disappear and with them individual responsibility…

      It’s psych 101 unfortunately.

      We could have prosecuted every individual in Germany after world war 2. We stuck with leaders and exceptionally murderous doctors and camp guards.

      We opted to see choice as murky water and to understand that people as a group act differently than they would have on their own.

      That is why it is so important to react with Maurice Tomlinson‘s “acknowledge, respect and engage”

      We in “the group of” Canada, Europe used to dismiss LGBTI persons as unacceptable.

      Now we need to engage people in other countries by giving them information and ideas about how to accept LGBTI persons in their lives and in their communities. And connect those to their own culture that has plenty of space for acceptance. Probably start with this last part.

    • Freddie Arps
  • Stephen Tattle I keep saying to myself – some day when Maurice and I are both in the office, I really need to grab him for a quick lunch to discuss this and to figure out what I am apparently not seeing.
  • Maurice TomlinsonStephen, research conducted by the University of the West Indies in 2011 and 2012 highlighted the correlation between religious fundamentalism and murder music (which itself relies on religious fundamentalism for most of its lyrics). So, while Jamaicans certainly have the agency to hate, they had to be taught whom to hate. And this (mis)education is the function of imported evangelical religious practice and a centuries old British colonially-imposed anti-gay law. Regrettably, in Jamaica as elsewhere, many people are simply too lazy to interrogate the root of their deeply held homophobia. It is easier to simply accept that gays are an “abomination” because the pastor says so.
    Stephen Tattle Maurice Tomlinson There are about 150 things/questions I would like to say/ask in response, but it is not possible in a forum such as this. I am not a “tech” guy and am new to social media and I cannot express opinions in few enough words which a forum such as this requires. I am still a old-school talker who needs 2-way exchange of ideas to form opinions and understand things, which our electronic age makes more and more challenging! I would still love an opportunity to discuss this issue and hope that might some day be possible.

If the landlord doesn’t think the building needs to be clean, you give up on it too after a while.

Very simple really. If you get the message you aren’t worth the money to clean the building, you’ll stop caring about it being clean, you’ll stop caring about keeping it clean.
Research shows that if you leave a car with a broken window on the street, next day it will have two broken windows and the lights knocked out. Day three and someone cut the tires. A week later nothing is left unbroken.
“But CBC video of the building showed rotting walls and broken concrete. The garbage chutes were said to be damaged and disposal areas dark and filthy.”

That’s why people started throwing garbage off balconies.

Bonus: less stink IN the building.

Judges should be impeached after “perverse and irrational decision.”

You commented on Maurice Tomlinson’s post.

Argentina court reduces sentence of child abuser because 6-year-old victim is gay “and was used to it.”

My comment:

“Prosecutors appealed the judges’ decision as ‘perverse and irrational’ and The Federation of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transsexuals is calling for the the two judges to be impeached.”

Doesn’t happen that often that prosecutors criticize a judge’s decision this harshly.

Argentina may have opened up marriage to same sex couples but the influence of the Catholic Church is still very, very strong and it preaches hate for women, girls, The Gays, Trans* people, sex workers, feminists… and on and on… All the while sitting on piles of gold and large tracts of land, eating grade 1 Argentinean steak, drinking expensive wines. But I digress.

“Piombo defended the ruling Monday in radio interviews , saying that the boy had already been ‘initiated by his father into the worst of worlds, leading him to depravation.’

He said that ‘as a result of that experience with the father, the child had showed signs of a transvestite conduct, of conduct we had to take into account.”

The referendum in Ireland was unnecessary?!

I’m glad for the Irish and I can’t quite stomach the idea that a country full of heterosexual people voted on our having human rights. Especially since there were apparently two other ways in the legal system to gain marriage equality.

Irish constitutional scholars (at Marriage Equality):

“What does the Irish Constitution say about marriage?
The Irish Constitution does not define marriage as being between a man and a woman, and so Marriage Equality believe that the Constitution’s definition of “the family” could include same-sex relationships.

The Courts and Marriage: The legal system (ie: our courts) simply interprets the constitutional definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman. The Constitution is considered to be a living document, open to interpretation by the judges in the Supreme Court, to reflect the changing values of Irish society. It is, therefore, open to change.

Legislation and Marriage: Legislation was introduced in 2004 (The Civil Registration Act) that defined marriage as being between a man and a woman.
This legislation could be amended at any time to define marriage in gender neutral terms.”

I checked the Irish constitution and the above seems to be correct:

NDP in the lead in all of Canada! Environment, parents, women, trans* people and the poor feel relief.

Friend: Oh sweet Jesus – I like what I have been seeing in these polls lately

[Ottawa – May 22, 2015] We have seen the NDP in the lead more than once during the last three years and we have also seen tight three-way races. But we have not seen that since Justin Trudeau assumed leadership of the Liberal Party and…
  • They used a “hybrid probability panel and a random experimental test using live interviewers”.

    That settles it for me.

  • Now now we wouldn’t want any big NDP ominbus bills on universal childcare with a dash of defunding missions in Iraq and Syria thrown in 8)
  • Freddie Arps…yes! And also on my wish-list:
    – do away with minimum sentences
    – make receipts after carding mandatory again and make this information easily obtainable by researchers and the public.

    – free pony rides on Saturdays.
    – refund government fishery and ecology libraries.
    – reverse protected rivers decision.
    – reverse long form decision.
    – decriminalize sexwork.
    – like Norway implement 40% quotas of women and men on boards in corporations. 

    (I need breakfast otherwise I could go on… and on)

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Parents, good boys, murder and racism.

Mark Zustovich

(shared with public post)

As long as parents continue to defend their kids as “good boys” and ignore social media posts that show them flashing gang signs and wearing gang colors, these young people will continue to fall through the cracks and meet an almost certain death.

  • Not necessarily in opposition to your post:

    The police seems to think Duran (14 year old) was killed as revenge for something his brother did.
    So he may actually have been or have become a good boy.

    It’s parents everywhere that miss these signs
    (if they were in this case signs of bad behaviour at all and if Duran’s parents really didn’t say anything, see below)

    My thoughts are that good kids behave badly sometimes- including me.
    So calling Duran a good boy? Calling him a bad boy, shaming others like him, isn’t going to stop them making mistakes. Shaming doesn’t work as a parenting tool.

    But the article calling the boy a menacing presence online because he flashed gang signs and posted a photo of a gun? That’s plain racism.

    All of Texas posts guns on facebook and the number of white kids just being teenagers and flashing gang signs… Can’t count them even if I had a hundred hands.

    I’ve even seen parents or aunts here in Canada do a gang sign *with* their kids. And in this case we have no idea what conversations the parents had with the boy. Most children even in those neighbourhoods don’t end up dead. And some kids wear colour signs to feel protected.

    Not falling through the cracks for Hispanic and black children really means that a lot more money needs to be put in the public school system and a stop to broken window policies and school suspensions that shove them into the school-prison pipeline.

    All this to say that we don’t know if Duran’s parents ignored those or other signs and that blaming the parents or (in other articles) the Hispanic/Latino community or the teachers in public schools is not fair or logical.

    Until money and time is spent again on their school system and until racial profiling and the war on drugs stops, boys like him will be murdered by cops or by other neighbourhood youth.