Feminism and funding on Facebook: start of a conversation.

Marusya Bociurkiw

I find, in a raft of academic grant applications I’ve been submitting, the ones with explicit feminist content always get turned down, and those more generally ‘social justice’ oriented get accepted. Am I paranoid, or is the university becoming a privileged (and highly camouflaged) site of sexism?
  • Feminist is still an F word.

    I think for international NGO grant applications it is a little different: many grants explicitly for women and children.

    Maybe because women in poorer countries are more visibly discriminated against and because it’s easier to accept that there still is sexism when it happens in another country.

    We live in a society where our mayor doesn’t believe in white privilege or in male privilege. 

    A society where dentistry students can talk/write about hate fucking their classmates and *they* get support in the form of therapy and special individual classes.

    It’s not surprising that grant giving committees are soaked in the same sexism.


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