NDP in the lead in all of Canada! Environment, parents, women, trans* people and the poor feel relief.

Friend: Oh sweet Jesus – I like what I have been seeing in these polls lately

[Ottawa – May 22, 2015] We have seen the NDP in the lead more than once during the last three years and we have also seen tight three-way races. But we have not seen that since Justin Trudeau assumed leadership of the Liberal Party and…
  • They used a “hybrid probability panel and a random experimental test using live interviewers”.

    That settles it for me.

  • Now now we wouldn’t want any big NDP ominbus bills on universal childcare with a dash of defunding missions in Iraq and Syria thrown in 8)
  • Freddie Arps…yes! And also on my wish-list:
    – do away with minimum sentences
    – make receipts after carding mandatory again and make this information easily obtainable by researchers and the public.

    – free pony rides on Saturdays.
    – refund government fishery and ecology libraries.
    – reverse protected rivers decision.
    – reverse long form decision.
    – decriminalize sexwork.
    – like Norway implement 40% quotas of women and men on boards in corporations. 

    (I need breakfast otherwise I could go on… and on)

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