Parents, good boys, murder and racism.

Mark Zustovich

(shared with public post)

As long as parents continue to defend their kids as “good boys” and ignore social media posts that show them flashing gang signs and wearing gang colors, these young people will continue to fall through the cracks and meet an almost certain death.

  • Not necessarily in opposition to your post:

    The police seems to think Duran (14 year old) was killed as revenge for something his brother did.
    So he may actually have been or have become a good boy.

    It’s parents everywhere that miss these signs
    (if they were in this case signs of bad behaviour at all and if Duran’s parents really didn’t say anything, see below)

    My thoughts are that good kids behave badly sometimes- including me.
    So calling Duran a good boy? Calling him a bad boy, shaming others like him, isn’t going to stop them making mistakes. Shaming doesn’t work as a parenting tool.

    But the article calling the boy a menacing presence online because he flashed gang signs and posted a photo of a gun? That’s plain racism.

    All of Texas posts guns on facebook and the number of white kids just being teenagers and flashing gang signs… Can’t count them even if I had a hundred hands.

    I’ve even seen parents or aunts here in Canada do a gang sign *with* their kids. And in this case we have no idea what conversations the parents had with the boy. Most children even in those neighbourhoods don’t end up dead. And some kids wear colour signs to feel protected.

    Not falling through the cracks for Hispanic and black children really means that a lot more money needs to be put in the public school system and a stop to broken window policies and school suspensions that shove them into the school-prison pipeline.

    All this to say that we don’t know if Duran’s parents ignored those or other signs and that blaming the parents or (in other articles) the Hispanic/Latino community or the teachers in public schools is not fair or logical.

    Until money and time is spent again on their school system and until racial profiling and the war on drugs stops, boys like him will be murdered by cops or by other neighbourhood youth.


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