White prof terrified of Social Justice… or did he mean white, privileged, coddled US teens?

Weak article on Vox about the worries, no TERRORS of white college profs. Even that photo, I find sickening. Really? The ones that DO the silencing, discriminating, white-washing… are the ones persecuted now?!

That is like saying we discriminate against Christianists when they want to discriminate against homosexuals, lesbians, bi, trans* and intersex people. And we don’t legally allow them to do that. Because discrimination of marginalized folks.

Good to remember I have acquaintances who actually believe this.

Lastly: Are you KIDDING me with the photo? White man not allowed to speak?!?!

“‘Emotional discomfort is [now] regarded as equivalent to material injury, and all injuries have to be remediated.’ Hurting a student’s feelings, even in the course of instruction that is absolutely appropriate and respectful, can now get a teacher into serious trouble.”

How a simplistic, unworkable, and ultimately stifling conception of social justice took over the American college campus.
  • Ø. EI can tell you how true this is.
  • T. MAnd who would want to be a teacher now a days. What next.
  • Freddie ArpsDid you check his links though? He cherry picks from one of the women he cites. “Forgets” to mention that what she is talking about is this:
    “”its science black& latinos are dumber! its science women are lesser!” and ppl be like well its science so its law. bamboozled” 

    She is NOT rejecting scientific enquiry, nor dismissing scientific enquiry because it was done by white men. Unless the shoes fits.

    I have heard from female professors similar worries, but why doesn’t he blame the students’ complaints on white privilege and coddling and golden spoons and never seeing consequences? You know… instead of on social justice?

    He is using straw men arguments throughout. And it is a plain lie that in the course of instruction that is appropriate and respectful, he could get into serious trouble because he hurt someone’s feelings.

    That smacks of “feminization” of education misogyny.
    • T.K. It also sounds like the issue is the school administration, not those that complain
      • D.J. I don’t know about that. The fact that people feel justified complaining about hurt feelings is a sea change, imo.
        D. JThe unspoken side of the argument that the author advances is that academics ought to have more license to do whatever they want in the classroom without consequences. As we all know, that also tends to facilitate bad teaching in general. That said, I think students are a justifiably more important stakeholder in the education industry than ever before due to the rising costs of education… of course they expect to be treated like customers (whose needs matter) when they’re billed like them.
      • Freddie Arps D, really, read the page to which he links when he says two women librarians are saying believe an accuser don’t ask for proof. 

        It’s completely false! The women never said that and the writer he links to calls the women who accuse another librarian of sexual misconduct as #TeamHarpy. Not even their supporters say that.

        I am a lover of the Formal Theory of Logic and how it applies to persuasion, and this article falls apart at every corner.


NDP in the lead in all of Canada! Environment, parents, women, trans* people and the poor feel relief.

Friend: Oh sweet Jesus – I like what I have been seeing in these polls lately

[Ottawa – May 22, 2015] We have seen the NDP in the lead more than once during the last three years and we have also seen tight three-way races. But we have not seen that since Justin Trudeau assumed leadership of the Liberal Party and…
  • They used a “hybrid probability panel and a random experimental test using live interviewers”.

    That settles it for me.

  • Now now we wouldn’t want any big NDP ominbus bills on universal childcare with a dash of defunding missions in Iraq and Syria thrown in 8)
  • Freddie Arps…yes! And also on my wish-list:
    – do away with minimum sentences
    – make receipts after carding mandatory again and make this information easily obtainable by researchers and the public.

    – free pony rides on Saturdays.
    – refund government fishery and ecology libraries.
    – reverse protected rivers decision.
    – reverse long form decision.
    – decriminalize sexwork.
    – like Norway implement 40% quotas of women and men on boards in corporations. 

    (I need breakfast otherwise I could go on… and on)

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Offensive and racist phrases to avoid or not.

How do you take this information “into” your speech?

Some are easy enough: don’t use “Jew down” or “Nitty-Gritty” or “Eskimo” or “That’s so gay!”

But what about the Dutch “Hiep Hiep Hoera” shouted at birthdays? The Dutch took it from the Germans when they were fighting together I don’t know who in 1815, and not having a clue what it meant.

It comes from “Hep Hep” which originated in 100 CE’s anti-semitism and islamophobia…

Does the meaning of a word change when its original sentiment is forgotten, only alive in the memories of linguists and historians?

I guess it’s a semantic and interpersonal question.

And Paddy wagon too offensive to use? I think that term is not at all offensive any more. The Irish have been firmly ‘rooted’ in all socio-economic strata for far too long to compare that slur to offensive terms used “for” groups that still suffer from racism, classism, poverty etc. The demeaning and discriminatory power of that word has gone. As has the power of the”rule of thumb.”